Thursday, July 24

The grind explained

For anyone who's wondering, the small (15 employees) company I work for publishes and distributes newsletters for homeowners' associations, small cities, neighborhoods, etc. I design ads, lay out newsletters, update the website (sort of), offer pranking suggestions, and keep the profanity to a minimum in my general vicinity. I got this job by Google-mapping "publishing" and showing up completely unsolicited with my resume, which is pretty nerve-racking; you should try it. (I did this at several places, and you would think it would get easier each time. Nope: each time I sat in the car thinking, "What am I doing!?") The job they happened to have open in September wasn't for me, but they surprised me by following up in February with an offer I couldn't refuse. So I quit my previous job after being there only three months and I haven't looked back. It was Divine intervention with a capital D.

PS - Scotty, do you note the green garb in the first picture below? That's right--I'm still sporting my Green Gladiators shirt. Green team for life!


Katie Phelps said...

That does sound interesting. I'm glad that you are liking it. It's always great to have divine intervention (I'm wishing I could get some now, but I think being where I am is my intervention.) I would never have the guts to do what you did. That is awesome.

Ann-Marie said...

Your art is awesome. I can see why they offered you this job and your own office.

Pinto said...

what? It's not "The Sequiped Alien" anymore? When did that happen?

Also, lovin the graphic at the top. Did you do that?

heather said...

I'm so excited for you!! Your job description sounds marvelous. :) We had a chance to meet up with the Robinaughs and do some camping with them out here while they were visiting family, and got on the discussion of how comfortable Chaco's are - and I said how I try to be like you and wear them all the time - literally every day. Isn't it beautiful? :) I'm glad I have a chaco buddy.