Sunday, July 6

Long Sunday Walks

I told Mark I was getting a ride home from church so he could keep the car for his presidency meeting. But he forgot about that and got a ride instead. And he was home for almost 10 minutes before he realized it. "Um, guess where the car is right now..."

Long pause. Cue laughter.

"You're a moron."

By the way, it takes about 40 minutes to walk from our apartment to the church at a moderate pace, which is a lot longer than I had anticipated. But it was a lovely walk!


Ann-Marie said...

You should have called me! We would've taken you to get it.

Kim said...

good think yesterday was a pleasant day.

Tiffany said...

I'm sure it was great! Hey-I wanted you to know that I thought of you when I had the opportunity to teach Relief Society a little while ago. I asked the girls to raise their hand if they had read the lesson, and then told them you used to do that (and I read everytime you were teaching because I knew if I didn't I would feel guilty!) We miss you guys a lot!!