Wednesday, July 16

Dear...Someone Connected with This Address

This was waiting for us in our stack of mail when we got back from Italy. I enjoyed it so much that I really wanted to keep it, but I'll document it here instead.

It came in this envelope:

Here's the meat of it:
[click to enlarge]

Here's the "rug" in question (really a 10x16 piece of paper):

I was supposed to send it back (the next morning) in this:

Also included were some product offers:

...and testimonials:

I think that anything that helps someone to sincerely draw nearer to the Lord is a good thing on some level. But questionable grammar, alarming punctuation, and creative underlining deserve a good ribbing.


Kim said...


what an awesome letter. I wonder if anybody gave them your name cuz they were worried about your soul?

Jancisco said...

So? Which boxes did you check?

I like your new artwork.

Nicole said...

We got this too and it just made me laugh. I couldn't help but open it up and read the whole thing, even though it said not too. It was just too funny. Maybe our church should try something like this huh?

Tiffany said...

This is Dave: I got the same letter with the same "rug" in it when I was serving in Houston. The rug freaked me out. I think I burned it.

Kurt and Traci said...

Yeah, we got that rug, too. I really wanted to keep it, it was so funny. I wonder what fortune would have come our way if we had mailed it in...