Friday, January 25

The grind

Observations from the last two months of work:

  • Unfortunately, I'm learning that I'm not quite as organized as I thought I was.
  • Being the middleman enforcer is rough. (And the mean-fun of it wears off quick.) I'd much rather be the one to exercise mercy than enforce justice. However, I recently discovered that it's much more tolerable to enforce justice if you can muster up some compassion.
  • Except when people are mean. Then I don't mind the justice part.
  • A brisk 15-minute bicycle commute is a great way to start the day, even when the wind chill puts it in the 30s somewhere. That's how you know you're alive (or were).
  • Seriously though, you simply cannot beat living that close to work, especially in this town.
  • The fact that I am biking to work in January with only a windbreaker and some earwarmers for warmth is awesome.
  • It's been painfully apparent lately that important places are mostly only open 8 to 5. This makes it a challenge to get to those places when you have to be in another one of those places all day. And your time off doesn't kick in for 6 months. And you rode your bike to work.
  • Humans are not meant for cubicles. Each day my soul cries out in affirmation that I do not belong in a cubicle.
  • I'm a project person. I feel most productive when I'm working toward a finishable goal and when I'm done I have something to show for it. Cyclical work doesn't hold much satisfaction.
  • That said, I can't complain about coming home at 5 and completely forgetting about work until I show up the next day.
  • Apparently changing the thermostat at a public institution requires the approval of the state legislature. (They must not be in session.)
  • Having two people doing the exact same job with a lot of gray area and no clear leader can be a problem.
  • I am clueless about office politics. It's like being transplanted from the American frontier into 19th-century British high society.
  • In the interest of looking professional we'll have no casual Friday, but please feel free to show ample cleavage any day of the week.
  • Working at a school is almost as good as being in school. Not really, but at least I'm in the building.
  • I'm really excited to have kids.

Thursday, January 10


So it turns out that cherry flavored Kool-Aid tastes like watered down cough syrup. A piece of toast and 8 ounces of orange juice hasn't purged the aftertaste. Sick sick sick.