Sunday, February 3

Gluttony = nirvana

Isn't ironic that you fast all day and then gorge yourself on dinner, after which you can barely move for at least an hour? (Maybe you don't do that. Maybe it's just me.)

Anyway, I was feeling pretty ambitious this afternoon and I went all out for dinner. Pot roast (first ever), dinner rolls from scratch (first ever, and despite my fears, they turned out perfect--I even put them in one of those bread baskets with a little cloth), salad with to-die-for homemade croutons (I'll never go back to store-bought; ask me for the recipe, it's easy), and, AND, I - made - a - dessert. From scratch. Which is completely unprecedented. In my entire life.

Hello, domesticity, I have arrived.


Nancy said...

Wow, now we're talking impressive. But I do have to say, that above and beyond anything, there is a possibility that you did all of this while fasting. THAT, my darling, is totally unbelievable. And please, send on the offered recipes.

Lindsey Whiting said...

I'm in tears, I'm so proud and impressed! And like Nancy said, the fact that you did this while fasting makes you even more of a CHAMPION!!! I wish I could sing you, your very own champion song right now; everyone deserves one.

Ann-Marie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mark must have been one happy man!

JoEllen said...

Congrats on all the cooking, FROM SCRATCH!! I have never done that and one day aspire to be like you!