Friday, January 25

The grind

Observations from the last two months of work:

  • Unfortunately, I'm learning that I'm not quite as organized as I thought I was.
  • Being the middleman enforcer is rough. (And the mean-fun of it wears off quick.) I'd much rather be the one to exercise mercy than enforce justice. However, I recently discovered that it's much more tolerable to enforce justice if you can muster up some compassion.
  • Except when people are mean. Then I don't mind the justice part.
  • A brisk 15-minute bicycle commute is a great way to start the day, even when the wind chill puts it in the 30s somewhere. That's how you know you're alive (or were).
  • Seriously though, you simply cannot beat living that close to work, especially in this town.
  • The fact that I am biking to work in January with only a windbreaker and some earwarmers for warmth is awesome.
  • It's been painfully apparent lately that important places are mostly only open 8 to 5. This makes it a challenge to get to those places when you have to be in another one of those places all day. And your time off doesn't kick in for 6 months. And you rode your bike to work.
  • Humans are not meant for cubicles. Each day my soul cries out in affirmation that I do not belong in a cubicle.
  • I'm a project person. I feel most productive when I'm working toward a finishable goal and when I'm done I have something to show for it. Cyclical work doesn't hold much satisfaction.
  • That said, I can't complain about coming home at 5 and completely forgetting about work until I show up the next day.
  • Apparently changing the thermostat at a public institution requires the approval of the state legislature. (They must not be in session.)
  • Having two people doing the exact same job with a lot of gray area and no clear leader can be a problem.
  • I am clueless about office politics. It's like being transplanted from the American frontier into 19th-century British high society.
  • In the interest of looking professional we'll have no casual Friday, but please feel free to show ample cleavage any day of the week.
  • Working at a school is almost as good as being in school. Not really, but at least I'm in the building.
  • I'm really excited to have kids.


Jill said...

So I love this post. As a fellow working girl, I appreciate all of these observations and I realize that many of mine are the same as yours. Working is great, but it makes me so excited to have kids!

Lindsey Whiting said...

I'm curious about the kids comment. Does this mean you want kids very soon in the near future??? Or you are just so excited to become a human burp cloth and you get to have nap times which is a plus if you don't count getting up in the middle of the night. :0)...and I loved the cleavage comment!

Kim said...

I am also curious about the kids comment. But I think that the whole post is witty and great!

the Danosaur said...

Okay, okay, I admit...I'm pregnant!

Ha ha, just kidding. Being at work just reaffirms to me that this is NOT what I want to be doing for the rest of my life...or even for the next few years of my life. And I hear my maternal mama bear starting to growl from deep inside...