Friday, February 29

Men Making the Most of 'Twilight'

To all those who joined me in reading that shameless teenage romance, enjoy this for a belly laugh:

(For the record: I am not and was not ever in love with Edward. In fact, the relationships in this book disturb me.)


Kim said...

OH wow. Russell and I enjoyed that blog.

GibbonsFam said...

thanks for sending me this! it was really funny. And by the way, how can you not be in love with Edward?! oh, well I guess you are one of those "Jack Dr." ladies...



Lindsey Whiting said...

I checked out the other blog and it was hilarious!! I am with you on the fact that in the series Twilight, the relationship was a little disturbing. But it just reminds me of Junior High, where you think you will do anything to change yourself to have that "special" guy like you.-how pathetic and someday I will live through this with Addison. :0)

Scotty B said...

I am very honored that you chose the very name by which I always called you. In fact I think I made it up, but then again that could just be my highly selective memory. Thanks for the insight on my blog, and the nice link - helps college boys like myself relate with the girls here in the ward.

heather said...

Crazy. I linked to your blog from this blog... and noticed that you linked to the Normal Mormon website which is a family friend of mine. What a small world. I hope you don't mind.

Pinto said...

TWO things: things:

1- How in heaven's name did you find people to read your blog who comment in paragraph form?! Truly, truly a rare talent that I am jealous of.

2- Uuuuhhhh...and I just looked at my inbox and realized I never replied to you about that goodreads thing. Haven't seen it before. Are you on it?

3- You live a blogging lent after every post you make. Do you realize that today marks the ONE MONTH anniversary of this post?!

That is all.

::mumbles "like a bautista"::