Friday, November 30


I would venture to guess that the average populace would say that the opposite of “productive” is “unproductive,” but I think that “unproductive” is just the absence of productivity—the complete opposite of “productive” should be negative productivity, or, shall we say, “deproductivity.”

See, if you’d spent almost 13 hours working on a freelance job and then, after 2 additional hours, when you went to save it, something went horribly wrong and there was an error when you tried to open it again, and then you spent another twenty minutes in a harried panic trying every possible thing you could think of to recover the file (praying the whole time), only to learn that it had been corrupted beyond recognition, and one brief Google search was all you needed to discover that your case was essentially hopeless, but then you realized that there was an older version (saved at about 10 hours in) on another jump drive (praise all that is good and right), you would do the simple math equation

15 (total hours worked) – 10 (hours of work for which you still have something to show) = 5 (hours of work lost)

to learn that in just a few brief seconds of you had an amazing 5 hours of deproductivity, and it would've been better if you'd just done something else last night, like stay home and take a relaxing bath.


Jancisco said...

so so sad. curse technology for our dependence on it!

Ann-Marie said...

I love your posts....keep them coming!

JoEllen said...

Sal has told me time and time again that I am the only person he knows who can create such weird happenings on my computer. Good to know that there are two of us!