Wednesday, November 26

Vigilante parking enforcement

Three days, four voicemails and over 20 unanswered phone calls later, at 7:30 this morning I finally got through to the man who held my parking fate in his hands.

He generously gave me the benefit of the doubt and waived the fee without any ado, for which I am very grateful. He reduced the citation to a "warning" for Mark. (?!)

How did this happen in the first place, you may ask? Apparently someone reported to the parking office that Mark had wantonly deposited the car in visitor parking. And this anonymous tip was given more consideration than my paragraph-long appeal, submitted immediately after receiving the citation (evidence enough that I was the one there, no?)

How to prevent this in the future? Mmm...can't really guarantee that it won't happen again.

Seriously? Seriously. Apparently there are ambitious parking vigilantes watching the visitor lot like hawks just waiting for some imprudent student or employee to park there. And apparently they know each student and employee by sight. And they know which car belongs to which individual. And even if the student/employee isn't actually to be seen anywhere near the car, they just know. And they care so much that they call it in, for justice must be served.


I don't buy this load of you-know-what, but whatever.

And though the generous captain with whom I spoke this morning was most gracious--for which I am very grateful--and he gave me exactly what I wanted without even arguing, I still think the parking office is ridiculous. Love the individual, despise the entity.

UTHSCSA parkers beware!


Mariley Johnson said...

parking is lame. what do they expect making the students park MILES away from the school.

Katie Phelps said...

You gotta love university parking. At BYU-I I was lucky enough to avoid them, but we have had some run-ins with the UVU enforcement. So lame.

Scotty B said...

i miss your sass

Ann-Marie said...

You are a riot! I've been waiting to know what happened. Ridiculous.

Angela said...

I just want to comment on your photogenic picture. That's the best. Seriously.

Pinto said...

freak. that profile picture made me die (of unphotogenic-ness)

ps-my ID word underneath this is "chrontra" sounds like it should be a word...I figured if anyone would know if it was one already or SHOULD be would be you.