Friday, November 21

This ain't over

It's one thing for a campus parking office to make up rules--asinine as they may be--and then punish you when you don't follow them. After all, that's their job. You can whine about that until the cows come home, but you can't say you weren't warned.

It is totally different to ticket a visitor parked legitimately in visitor parking and give no more reason than "4006 - PARKED WHERE PROHIBITED" and then a month later reject the citation appeal with no more explanation than "DENIED. Pay by Dec 1."

Maybe the parking office should consider a new slogan for 2009:


Jancisco said...

They denied your appeal?? JERKS! Next time you oughta drive right through their barricade arm and yell 'Suckers!' as loud as you can.

But you should probably do it in someone else's car in case they catch your license plate.

I think the Woods have an extra

Jillybean said...

LOVE the slogan. I think you should seriously mail that to them on a card for Christmas. I'm sure they'd consider it a token of gratitude for their--ahem--WONDERFUL service :)

Ann-Marie said...

Why not use Ben's motorcycle? That'll really stick it to them!

I'm so sorry. They ARE ridiculous.