Friday, July 22

Thoughts on the zoo

Hello? Hello? Anyone still out there?

I have some existential issues with this blog, but that's a topic for another time, maybe. For now, let's talk about the zoo.

I bought a zoo pass because the zoo is about 2 miles from my house and it's something to do during the long lonely days of a medical resident's wife.

However, it's hot outside, and most of the interesting animals are doing exactly what I would be doing if I were caged up on a 90-degree-plus afternoon: hiding in the shade.

No worries, Maren isn't really interested in the animals anyway. She would rather do some combination of the following:

- jump in puddles
- stand on the bridge and look at the creek running below
- watch a Bobcat (the machine, not the animal) move gravel around in the construction zone
- look at the non-zoo birds nesting in some rafters
- push the stroller herself with reckless abandon
- wander around on foot giving high-fives to other (bewildered) kids in strollers

Which gives a mother cause to wonder why she spent all that money on a zoo pass. However, the zoo is savvy enough to put dinosaurs on display! This is excellent, and most children under the age of 6 were more interested in the dinosaurs than in any actual living animal (Maren included). Actually, if the zoo were really smart, they would just replace ALL the animals with mechanical replicas. The replicas would require much less care and would always be doing something interesting, like roaring and looking like they are about to devour you whole.

Maren was one of the few children not traumatized by the T-Rex, though its occasional roaring did startle her. I was slightly unsettled by its eerily-lifelike shifty eyes.

On the other hand, I did get to see a bald eagle eating a rat the other day, so I guess the pass was worth it.


Heidi said...

Why is she so adorable it makes me want to die?



Nicole said...

You're funny. Maybe try to go again once it gets cooler. I'm surprised you think it's hot there...

Maren is a doll, but you already knew that.

Ann-Marie said...

I always have this ache for all these beautiful captive animals.

I totally hear you about spending money and then kids spend the whole time people watching.

Oh, and I'm also feeling the "lonely resident wife" syndrome you mentioned. UGH.

Melanie said...

We went on Valentine's day and it was the best day ever! It happened to be a weird near 60-degree weather day, and ALL the animals were out enjoying the warmth, plus there were no people. It was fabulous! We went again in March, before it got too hot. And then last day of May and it was way to hot! My sister-in-law lived near the zoo while her husband did med school, and she would go in the winter often and it was fun. So, I'm sure you'll enjoy having the pass once the heat dissipates.

And the dinosaurs are cool. And freakishly real.

Katie said...

I have been thinking about taking James to the zoo, but have avoided it because of the heat and what that might do to my already fat feet. We did take him to the Living Planet Aquarium (inside, air-conditioned fun) and he was way more interested in the fake rocks you stand on than the fish. oh well.

Maren really is so cute. I'd love to meet her someday. :)

Jancisco said...

So funny. I think maybe you would enjoy Chuck E. Cheese. Just a thought.

Janssen said...

Dear HEAVENS she is old!

Lindsey Whiting said...

Holy cow! She is looking so grown up, crazy how when you don't see someone consistently, they look so much older....Just think of San Antonio and then you won't think it's "hot" there. :)