Wednesday, June 30

At least you have your teeth

Makes me laugh every time.

(A.M., this post was for you)


Ann-Marie said...

Wow she is fabulous! I love love love her blue eyes. They are sooo sparkly!

Thanks for the post! Now I can rest easy after having been entertained. ;)

Jessica Gonzalez said...

She's SO cute! I think she looks like you!

Lyssa said...

She is so cute Dani!!
I am a horrible commenter but I love reading your blog. And I have a good recipe for banana bread that if I can make it, you can too! Here's the recipe:
Seriously the best.

heather said...

Dani I want MORE pictures!! She is so stinking perfect I want to see more of her beautiful face (and yours!). How are things going?!

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