Saturday, January 9


It was 27 degrees this morning and our heater's not working...making it 58 in the house (or colder; I don't think the thermostat registers anything lower than that).
I guess I got what I wished for.



Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa whoa. I'd like to take this moment to record the fact that the Oregon Coast is officially thirty degrees WARMER than practically-tropical Harlingen.

Moment recorded.

Hope you don't freeze too much. I found that holding a cup of tea/hot chocolate helps a little for the fingers...

Anonymous said...

also. you look like a gnome.

You need to make adult versions of Maren's gnome pants now.

Katie said...

That's just nuts! Its even colder than than it is in Orem. This morning while running errands, I just wore a light jacket. Bundle up! Hope the extra cold goes away soon.

Nicky and Patrick said...

Hey I am so glad you left a comment. What the heck, you have a baby?!! She is very cute by the way. Congrats! I have to say I laughed about the chocolate...because last time I was home my mom was pulled this black bag out of her freezer and said, "Do you want this chocolate?" I still have mine too. Probably won't ever use it, but oh well. Good to hear from you.