Wednesday, February 25

The San Antonio Church Tour of '09

The San Antonio Church Tour of '09 is in full swing! In an effort to broaden my religious understanding, I'm visiting various churches in San Antonio and blogging about it. So if you have any interest in reading (admittedly long) posts about my experiences, you can check out the blog at

If you have suggestions of churches or worship areas I should consider, or if you want to come along, let me know!


Katie said...

A while back, I clicked on the "View my Complete Profile" link on the side of your blog and ran across your SA Church Tour blog. I really have enjoyed reading your experiences with these other churches. It is absolutely fascinating. Thanks for sharing your great experiences.

Mariley Johnson said...

I read your Oak Hills entry and look forward to reading more!

I have been impressed with how open people are here in SA about their own religion. When we first moved here a woman at HEB invited us to attend her church if we were looking. And just tonight my neighbor also welcomed us to join her congregation. Both times I felt their sincere invitation and keep thinking to myself how kind they are. So why is it hard for me to do the same? It was an eye opener for me. Anyway, it reminded me of your experience with the kind woman.

Lindsay said...

You are a very engaging writer. It's blogs like yours that make me self conscious.

I have been wanting to do a "church tour" myself for a long time: other than mass a few times in high school and a couple services and Evensongs in England, I am woefully uncultured when it comes to experiencing other religions. So one of these days, I may have to join you.

My comment to Jay after dinner at your house the first time was, "Dani and I are a lot alike. I hope that we can still be friends..." :)

Jerelyn Dunaway said...

This is a fantastic idea, Dani! I loved reading your experiences and look forward to more.